Seat’s Taken: What’s Good Sisterhood?


Tickets: 125++, (free flow food all night, food only)


7PM – late

On the 14th of Sep, our Sous Chefs, Jin and Beatrice, and Le Bon Funk’s Shanice and Ashley come together to create a menu rooted in Mottainai, a sustainable approach to cooking rooted in coaxing deliciousness from all bits of ingredients. The word, from the Japanese “what a waste!”, is a call to reconsider our relationship with the environment and our actions through creative and skilful means. The existing love between our respective restaurants come as no surprise and we look forward to hosting our friends and tremendous chefs in our little home.



Looks like a house party, feels like a house party. Our new favourite way to gather. Stretched across both floors at Appetite, SEAT’S TAKEN is a celebration of street food and snacks from around the world, awesome music and great people.

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