In Conversation: Keri & Kelsi Matwick with Ivan Brehm – “Table Manners”


In Conversation: Keri and Kelsi Matwick with Ivan Brehm

Tues, Apr 25, 7PM
Appetite, Listening Room

Bookings: 38++ for food and drink, or 10++ for admission only.

On the occasion of the exhibition Table Manners, Appetite is excited to invite linguists Keri and Kelsi Matwick for an engaging conversation with Chef Ivan Brehm. How we eat food is as important as the food we choose to eat: in this discussion, they will explore cross-cultural differences in dining etiquette, utensils, the makeup of meals, and rituals of eating. Which foods are permissible to touch with our hands? Why do we clink glasses and say ‘cheers’? How do we behave differently in private and public dining settings? Join us as we delve deep into this and more!


Keri Matwick and Kelsi Matwick are scholars of language and food. Trained as linguists (PhD, University of Florida), the twins teach and research on how we communicate about food, through food, and around food. The Matwicks have published numerous academic articles, news features, and a book on a range of topics, including cooking shows, culinary diplomacy, food radio, humor, and storytelling. They are currently working on an MOE grant-funded project to study the language of future food with topics including cell-based proteins and sustainability. 


Ivan Brehm is the chef-owner of one Michelin-starred restaurant Nouri (established in 2017) and creative interdisciplinary space, Appetite (established in 2020). He is recognised for developing a system of thought — of which cooking is a part of — called Crossroads Thinking. His cuisine celebrates diversity and finding the common threads that connect different culinary traditions.

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