In Conversation: Carmen Ceniga Prado


An evening of conversation with artist Carmen Ceniga Prado. Postponed from 28 Feb to 7 Mar.

Bookings: 38++ for food and drink, or 10++ for admission only.

The internal body – a complex world of emotional states, embodied sensations and cycles of transformation. In her abstract paintings and carved wooden sculptures, artist Carmen Ceniga Prado grapples with the invisible but potent pulses of vitality that move through and around our physical bodies. Alongside her exhibition at Nouri, “Emergence”, join us for an evening of conversation as we delve deep into Carmen’s practice, exploring questions around the viscerality of experience, sensory attentiveness and our connection to the natural world.



Carmen Ceniga Prado uses her work as a medium to reconnect with the internal body and its cycles of subtle shape shifting. Using the body as a starting point, her artworks are a reflection of the range of emotional states or embodied sensations, such as darkness, clarity, anxiety as well as the moments in between. Ceniga Prado started her studies in Fine Arts at Pratt Institute in New York in 2015 supported by their International Merit Scholarship, then finishing her BFA at Wimbledon College of Arts at the University of the Arts London in 2018. She is currently pursuing her MA in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts. Her works have been exhibited in Germany, Spain, London and Singapore. Recent notable shows in Singapore include At Dusk, We Tread the Earth at starch (2022), Structures from Silence at I_S_L_A_N_D_S (2021) and From the Beginningat Samanta Soul (2021). She is currently based in Singapore.



About “Emergence” at Nouri
January 10, 2023 – April 23, 2023 (Extended to May 21, 2023)

Nouri is pleased to present Movement 1: Emergence, featuring Carmen Ceniga Prado. Taking inspiration from bio-organic movements of life and death, Emergence focuses on the processes of birth and emanation as the first stages of life – new growths, new energies.

Spanish artist Carmen Ceniga Prado harnesses the language of abstraction to explore emotional states and cycles of transformation. For Carmen, the internal body is a vast and mysterious space, one that encompasses a multitude of emotions, sensations and energies. Colour, shape and form become key tools to express the complexity of inner vitality and worlds. In this show, biomorphic and fluid shapes evoke different cycles of emergence: the beginning and end of life, the source that expands and collapses, and the formless in between shifting shapes.

At Nouri, we aspire to create food that is as much a cerebral and emotional experience as it is a gustatory one. We invite you to visit Emergence and contemplate emotional, sensory and bodily states of being – how you experience your inner worlds.

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