Crossroads Talk: Matt Orlando & Ivan Brehm – “Sustainability and the Human Quotient”


Appetite is thrilled to host acclaimed Denmark-based American chef, Matt Orlando, for a conversation in our Listening Room at 6pm on the 8th of February. Joined by our very own Ivan Brehm for a fireside chat, they will be delving into the topic of sustainable practices, expounding to include often forgotten areas like socio/cultural, economic and psychological.

Hear what these creative minds have to say as they discuss environmentally sustainable practices outside of the larger framework of modern day life, and the impact it has on the food they cook and how they run their kitchens.

Tickets are at $25++ with a drink. Click here to Register.


Matt Orlando is the former chef-owner of Amass in Copenhagen, and previously the head chef of Noma. A leading advocate for sustainability, Matt seeks inspiration in the by-products his kitchen produces; creating unique and exciting flavours, whilst drastically reducing the restaurant’s carbon footprint and always with deliciousness as the driving force behind his work.

Ivan Brehm is the chef-owner of one Michelin-starred restaurant Nouri (established in 2017) and creative interdisciplinary space, Appetite (established in 2020). He is recognised for developing a system of thought — of which cooking is a part of — called Crossroads Thinking.

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