Crossroads Talk: Ivan Ralston & Ivan Brehm – “Creativity & Innovation in the age of Social Media”


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Appetite is thrilled to host acclaimed Brazilian chef, Ivan Ralston, for a conversation in our Listening Room at 6pm on the 12th of April. In a fireside chat with our very own Ivan Brehm, they will explore the topic of creativity and innovation in the digital age, particularly in relation to the impact of social media on the culinary world. Both chefs prioritize research and experimentation in their approach to food and will share their insights on how social media is influencing the artistry and menus of restaurants.


Ivan Ralston is the owner and chef of the highly regarded two Michelin-starred Tuju restaurant and research center in São Paulo, Brazil. Ralston’s culinary philosophy is based on using locally sourced ingredients to create innovative dishes with a strong emphasis on seasonality and sustainability. He draws inspiration from his upbringing in Brazil and the country’s rich culinary heritage, resulting in a menu that showcases the diversity of Brazilian cuisine.

Ivan Brehm is the chef-owner of one Michelin-starred restaurant Nouri (established in 2017) and creative interdisciplinary space, Appetite (established in 2020). He is recognised for developing a system of thought — of which cooking is a part of — called Crossroads Thinking. His cuisine celebrates diversity and finding the common threads that connect different culinary traditions.

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